MP3 Cutter by Aiv Software

MP3 Cutter by Aiv Software 1.8

This program will let you easily cut off pieces from any MP3 audio tracks
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If you want to create audio snippets that you can use in various other applications, such as Windows’ startup, all kinds of alerts, ring tones for your mobile phone, etc., this easy and free tool can help you!

You can open and start playing any of the audio tracks from your collection. When playing the audio you will see a progress bar in which various time statistics are shown – the total duration, the elapsed time, and the balance time. Thus, you will have both an aural and a visual cue to help you mark the start and end times more accurately.

The “set start” and “set end” buttons help you mark the point where you want the fragment to start and where it should end. In the progress bar you will see the selected section represented with a clear color pattern. The selected time markers are indicated in the interface with astonishing precision in seconds, and with up to 7 decimal positions. However, you can always play back the selection if you want to be completely sure about the start and end points. Once you are happy with the result, you can save it, typically in the same directory where the original file is though with a different name.

This is a nice software application that can be used by almost anybody. Besides, this software tool is free!

Debasis Das
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  • Intuitive controls
  • Graphical indication of the portion cut with precise time stamps


  • Lack of contrast of the interface buttons make them difficult to read
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